KlickZie: decentralized imagery ownership turning every picture and video into a real commodity.

Unlocking the global market economy for 3 billion imagery users. Monetizing pictures, videos and their social interaction.

Next generation fast blockchain for everyone.

KLK20, the KlickZie token pre-sale is live.

KLK20 is a token on Ethereum for general transaction use that will be immediately useable to buy, sell and verify imagery on the Company’s KlickZie ecosystem as well as to ensure a secure, scalable and smooth-running network.

*Sale available for non-US persons and accredited investors


The KlickZie team brings together multidisciplinary professionals from different technology areas with deep and broad experience in imagery and image solutions, supported by cryptocurrency and blockchain professionals and software developers. We want to disrupt the way we use imagery by creating a new global cryptomarket based on the trillions of pictures and frames of video that pour out of smartphones and are shared around the world. This imagery is already everywhere waiting to be monetized. We want the KLK token to turn imagery into currency and to become the king-currency itself.

Dr. Jon N. Leonard

Founder & CEO

Tautachrome, Inc.

Career at the forefront of new technologies: Founder of startups BPM, Inc (first 3-D printer), Tautachrome, Inc. and others. Chief Scientist at Hughes Aircraft Co. and director of counterterrorism technology at Raytheon Missiles. Numerous US patents. PhD in Mathematics and BS in physics from the University of Arizona, and MS in Engineering from UCLA.

Matthew Staker


Tautachrome, Inc.

Technology Executive at Teledyne Controls, and founder and chief technologist in VisualSoftware (acquired by Micrografx), GridIronOffice, NowLive, and New Image. Developed the data security architecture for Security First Corp. Leads technical teams to success in uncertain startup conditions. Passionate about people and technology and achieving success.

Dr. Joel Sercel

Chief Scientist

Tautachrome, Inc.

Engineer of multiple disciplines leading dozens of products and innovations in use in space and around the world. Founder and Principal Engineer, ICS Associates Inc and TransAstra servicing US Air Force, Raytheon, Loral, TRW, USC, Boeing, and others. PhD in Engineering, Cal Tech, BS in Physics, University of Arizona and 3 years study US Air Force Academy, Astronautics.

Robert Gille

Software Developer

Tautachrome, Inc.

is a self-educated programmer and Blockchain enthusiast, effective in many programming languages and familiar with the nuances of smartphone app programming. Bob has taught many technical subjects at the Junior College level and has also developed the central people-database for a multibillion dollar agency in the State of Arizona covering over 30,000 people

David LaMountain

Investor Relations

Tautachrome, Inc.

Provides strategic Investor Relations responsibility integrating communication, marketing and securities compliance enabling effective two-way communication between Tautachrome and its constituencies, contributing to achieving fair valuation of Tautachrome’s shares. Business owner and investor/trader in public and private entities since 1999.



Aasim Saied


Akyumen Corp.

is an established entrepreneur with experience and with a history of high tech concept design and building fast-moving, innovative companies. He has a successful history in building fast moving and innovative companies and has engineered powerful new patent-pending mobile device technologies and software applications that changing world around.

Jordan Gray


Honeycomb Digital, LLC

His commitment for internet-based solutions began in 1999 when he launched his first technology company. Since then he has created and managed digital innovations for continuous delivery, automation, virtualization, storage, file share. His range of development and delivery include Master Lock, Valvoline, Barnes&Noble, and many others.

Sergey Bushnyak


Kelecorix, Inc.

Sergey is a software developer with 10 years of experience, working within different application areas allows him to effectively develop software and find new ways to solve problems. Sergey is working in R&D creating new technologies that will power next-gen Blockchain with high transaction speeds, security, reliability, and extensibility.



One Pager


Token Structure


Project initilization

Token and technology evaluation
1st quarter 2018

KlickZie Network Implementation

initialization of KlickZie network, implementation of prototype KlickZie web-app, and basic imagery ownership mechanisms

2nd quarter, 2018

Alpha release

Network observation functionality
2nd quarter 2018

KlickZie Improvements #1

verification and marking improved algorithms
3rd quarter, 2018

2nd Alpha Release

Functional update, transactions speed up, web wallet
3rd quarter 2018

KlickZie Improvements #2

reward system, ad-connections; scaling
4th quarter, 2018

Beta release

mass storage and bandwidth solutions, system scaling
1st quarter 2019

KlickZie Improvements #3

Global scaling improvements
2nd quarter 2019

KLK tokens will be distributed in the following proportions

KLK team tokens will be used for the following activities